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Wherever awesome design is required, let Cedar Hedge Millworks bring your idea to life. Clients are provided with a large range of design services that are aimed at turning ideas from concept to reality. Every new task is another opportunity to create something new, so provide information about what you need and we’ll get started.



We have one biesse CNC routing machine to offer custom CNC milling services. This enables us to be able to offer fast turnaround on large orders as well as adapt to smaller rush items. With a 4 x 12 table, Cedar Hedge Millworks can do almost all projects.

We also have experience working with all different types of wood species. Add a beveled edge, square off a shape, or create something totally new. CNC routing machines have little limitations and create beautiful products including plastic.



One of the ways you can use our custom laser and engraving service is for custom branding. This type of process works very easily to create unique pieces with your company’s brand image, logo, or lettering. We can customize any wood product to fit this need. With custom branding, you can send your customers or clients home with something that they will keep. These wood products are beautiful, unique, and often kept far longer than a t-shirt.




Many times, our clients come to us with the need to have something special and unique that they can use as promotional and giveaways. If you want to have something customized, perhaps with your company’s brand or logo on it, we can help you. Talk to our team about your options from beautiful chairs to frames. We can help you to choose an item that works for your promotional event or use your design to create something that is just right.
For those who need custom, beautiful pieces of wood products, turn to Cedar Hedge Mill. Our team is here to work closely with you to create custom pieces that are just right for your project.

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